Religion, aesthetics, and geometry are three interwoven, complementary entities. They produce the resonance of stunning rhythms.


Nature: coffee table

Material: stainless steel & polycarbonate

Year: 2011

Status: prototype (read more)

Press: m.e. design magazine, iainclaridge, arcademi, yanko design, trend hunter, etc.


The geometry:

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1.The concept of sacred geometry and religious art: The pattern below is formed by 7 tables with the idea of the creation story of Genesis, the six days plus day of rest.


2. The concept of symmetry: The production of a shape sees the adoption of parallelism in fashioning an outward physical appearance, which projects the feel of formality, balance, stability, and harmony.


3. The concept of Vitruvian Man: The golden proportion not only manifests a graceful air, but it also has a very high level of feasibility.


4. The concept of Triclavianism: The belief that three nails were used to crucify Jesus Christ. Here is the bolt placement of the table.