"Austerely Crossed Furniture

The Crucifixion Coffee Table is Inspired by Religion and Geometry, written by Meghan Young (2011.02.20).

There is something austerely gorgeous and serene about the Crucifixion Coffee Table, which is inspired by both religion and geometry. Aside from those two inspirations, I think its successful design has very much to do with the overall execution. Designed by Fuquan Junze for Oil Monkey, the Crucifixion Coffee Table is stunning in its simplicity. The stainless steel and polycarbonate figure create an almost ethereal presence that one cannot help but appreciate.


"Eggy Avian Abodes

The Niao Birdhouse is Made Out of Fiberglass, written by Meghan Young (2010.10.10).

The Niao birdhouse looks like an alien egg, yet not in a scary or disturbing way. Instead, this comfy cocoon is rather beautiful in a simple way.

Designed by Fuquan Junze, the Niao birdhouse is more than meets the eye. This eggshell home is made out of fiberglass, which allows light to penetrate through its walls. Not only does it provide shelter, it also harnesses warmth from the sun. It also brings in a nice breeze thanks to two holes, one for entry and the other for air. "


"Clear Chairs

Oil Monke's Curene Seating Design Combines Plastic & Wood, written by Rose Nazarali (2009.05.20).

Oil Monkey's latest design, Curene, is not your average chair. Made with a combination of wood and plastic, this piece of furniture is a unique crossbreed with an edge.

The stylish chair has wooden legs that are interlocked with clear plastic panels for the back and arms. Oil Monkey's chair gives a futuristic flair to home decor. "


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