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Fuquan Junze is a Japanese interior, furniture and industrial designer based in Hong Kong. Before entering the design profession, he marked as a mechanical engineer, school coach, and administrative manager. In 2007, Fuquan established Oil Monkey limited. Despite never having taken formal design training, Fuquan has quickly built a reputation in the field. In 2008, he was a runner up in the Phoenix Contemporary Design Fair Competition. Fuquan Junze talked to us about his design concept and career.

Name: Fuquan Junze
Location: Hong Kong
Professions: Interior, furniture and industrial designer
Style: Sophisticated and minimalistic


Why you name the act/company/yourself Oil Monkey?
It is just a name, has no special meaning.

Who would you like to design for?

You have a large range of architectures and furnitures, which project has given you the most satisfaction and whats the inspiration behind that?
It should be Curene. It is the first chair i designed and won my first design award.

What was the biggest obstacle during the design process?
Getting sick before submission.

Do you consider yourself as a Minimalistic artist?
Sometimes yes.

Please define Minimalism?
Take what you need and leave the rest.

Please describe your ideal home?
A little white house in the woods, and a small stream nearby.

What is next for you?




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