Who is Fuquan Junze 福泉 君澤?


Field: Architecture [1] [2], Digital Art [3] [4], Drawing [5] [6], Furniture Design [7] [8] [9], Interior Design [10], Mechanical Engineering, Oil Painting, Sculpture [11] and Ukulele [12].

Contact: Info@oilmonkey.com

Instagram: @fqjz

Twitter: @fuquanjunze

Youtube: @fuquanjunze

Art Project: Instagramers on Moleskine, Portraiture on Paper, Portraiture on Moleskine, Portraiture on Canvas, Instagramers on Canvas.

Link: Commission (Login).





Featured Work - Portraiture - Little One


Featured Work - Instagramers on Moleskine



"Best of 2015 di myMoleskine...10 straordinari ritratti Moleskine: " Moleskine, Italy.

"At the ‘standard’ end of the spectrum..." Rolls-Royce Motor Cars.

"Pieces that trick the eye..." Financial Times.

"Interesting little fact about this Junze is that he never had any formal training. Before entering the design profession, he worked as a mechanical engineer, administrative manager and even school coach… Amazing." Minimalissimo.

"Fuquan Junze blends digital and analog art, creating some truly unique Moleskine pages. " Moleskine Facebook Page.

"Hong Kong based Fuquan Junze is an interior, furniture and industrial designer. Before entering the design profession, he worked as a mechanical engineer, school coach, and administrative manager. In 2007, Fuquan established Oil Monkey Limited. Despite never having taken formal design training, Fuquan has quickly built a reputation in the field. In 2008, he was a runner up in the Phoenix Contemporary Design Fair Competition." Kismet Magazine.

"Fuquan Junze is the man behind award-winning design company Oil Monkey, founded in 2007. The Hong Kong native has a mechanical engineering background and built water-treatment and cooling systems for CLP." 南華早報 SCMP Post Magazine.



Save gifted kids from those closed minded teachers.(2016.03)

In regard to those who succeed as judged by a failed system, are they truly sucessful or simply failures? (2015.08)

Only idiots debate. (2015.08)

On the very day prophesied to be the time of the end of the world, I drank beer with a new acquaintance before playing ukulele with him at the pier in Central Hong Kong. (#theendoftheworld #ukulele 2013.02)

Quality is the freedom of a cleansed soul. (#quality #soul 2013.02)

Making proper use of space is not measured in terms of units of efficiency. It is but the skill of balance in space. (#space #efficiency #balance #oilmonkeyology 2013.02)

In regard to modes of education, there is nothing more persevering and fulfilling than self-learning. (#education #selflearn 2012.12)

The classroom seating arrangement is supposed to enhance the effectiveness of learning. (#education #arragement #effectiveness 2012.12)

An understanding in respect of how a plant grows is essential for the design of a pot for a potted plant. (#respect #design 2011.10)

The more a designer is inclined to commercialism, the more he is equipped with the thinking of a politician. (#designer #politician 2011.10)

Chasing after the trends is comparable to sending a herd of sheep to the hill to graze. (#trend 2011.05)

All things vibrate, without the same frequency lasting for a long time. Sometimes it is fast and sporadically, it is slow in addition to being regulated and mutually influenced. Such vibration having ever-changing frequency activates time which in turns generates process. That is why I believe in the existence of a future. (#future #time #vibration 2011.05)

Oilmonkeyology is a design concept which I am presently dwelling on. Some recent notions, handicapped by several external factors, were deemed to lose their agility and have stayed unresolved. However, today I have had perusal of the history and construction of vehicles. I acknowledge the circular form of the wheels counting on the axis to revolve, a remarkable invention in the past which is still adopted today. That is the best example that sees form serving function. Compared to other forms, the circular is definitely an effective logistical device. Of all living things on earth undergoing long history of evolution, none has the limbs revolving like wheels. Why? The highly functional circular form has not occurred in the process of evolution of living things. It is because were our limbs to become wheels, nerves and arteries would rotate, intertwined, and eventually demise as they would not be able to supply nutrition and vent messages and sentiments. In this regard, the existing device is functional under the law of nature as a result of forfeiting the choice of high effectiveness of the circle thanks to particular factors. (#oilmonkeyology 2011.05)


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