Around the middle of the previous year, I received an invitation of a man who had entrusted me with the task of carrying out an interior layout of his new office.

My client's company is local. During the initial stage of our acquaintance, I was aware of their mode of work unique to the territory: six-day work, ten hours a day on a weekly basis in addition to daily lunch time occupied with telephone conversation on business in different languages, the type of dynamic likened to the running engine of a sport car.

From the regularity of such work atmosphere, some notions of design were unleashed and called “Sheep in fruit blossom hill”.

Previous interior design productions focus visual balance. Yet, such concept ultimately presents a balance between daily activity and operation through the senses of touch and hearing of the user.

We believe that having an office carpeted with artificial grass is not a fresh suggestion. However, hearing the delightful sound of treading the synthetic item of grass underfoot provides a splendid soothing effect on those experiencing tension of work.

Colleagues cooperating with one another establishes a relationship of trust and affection. Therefore, it was essential to adopt a fully open mode. Thus, the open area was structured to give more space to ensure unobstructed access to natural light for each employee. Besides, space utilization was made to include an accounting department, teams A&B, a conference room for eight staff members, a manager room, and two store-rooms.

The work of design necessitated eight weeks for completion. The procedure got on in a very pleasant and delightful manner. During the period of cooperation, I was grateful for the care my client gave me.

Designers cherish absolute trust of those who have entrusted them with tasks.


Nature: office

Material: artificial grass, carpet, oak-wood veneer and paint.

Area: 1900 s.f.

Location: hong kong.

Time: 2012.04-2012.06


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